Welcome to the ESR website!

The Euroskyrad or ESR network was established in 2010 as a free collaborative platform among scientists involved with studies of aerosol remote sensing by means of sun-sky radiometers.

Representatives of ESR are Dr. Monica Campanelli from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, CNR, Rome, Italy and Dr. Victor Estelles from the University of Valencia, Spain.

ESR is a volunteer European observational network of Prede POM sun sky radiometers coordinated with SKYNET in Asia and established and maintained by several universities and research institutes.

ESR is also a "multi-instrumental" network, as radiometers other than Prede POM (such as Cimel CE318 or others) can also take part. In this sense, the ESR network will involve independent instruments that do not belong to other international networks.

The ESR network is aimed at providing a methodology for the measurement, calibration and data processing of sun and sky photometric data for atmospheric aerosol characterization. The core of the system is the open source Skyrad.pack inversion algorithm in its different versions, completed by ESR with a series of tools and algorithms. Packages can be downloaded here .

Only standard ESR and SKYNET products are provided in this web page for homogeneity of aerosol products within the network. However ESR network encourages the development of new ideas by providing open source codes to be used as platform for testing new algorithms implemented by the users.

An important objective of ESR is to perform overlapping studies among other international networks such as AERONET and WMO-GAW, in order to improve their consistency. Therefore, in some instances ESR accepts instruments belonging to these networks. The ultimate objective is to increase and improve the retrievals that are made available to the aerosol science community.

The ESR website is organized as follows:

Network PIs: Monica Campanelli, Victor Estelles
Scientific/Technical advisor: Henri Diémoz
Lunar analysis developmet: Gaurav Kumar
Webmaster: Igor Bertello
Data Center maintenance: Emanuele Costantini


Contact webmasters:
Victor Estelles
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