1st and 2nd QUATRAM Campaigns

QUAlity and TRaceabiliy of Atmospheric aerosol Measurements


Measurement traceability and data quality are essential requirements by the WMO for monitoring atmospheric aerosol optical properties by International radiometer networks.SKYNET network has been recently included as WMO-GAW contributing network and a program of traceability to CIMO defined standard instruments and methods, together with intercomparison and calibration of ESR/SKYNET master instruments is necessary.


Calibration of a primary master sun-photometer by PMOD/WRC, Davos , August 9 - September 18, 2017; July 24 - October 9, 2018.
Transfer of calibration to other instrumentation, Rome, 2- 31 October 2017; May 1 - September 30, 2019.

Involved Institutions:

Attending Instruments

PREDE POM 01 ISAC-CNR M.Campanelli
PREDE POM 01 University of Valencia V. Estelles
PREDE POM 02 Arpa Valle D'Aosta H. Diemoz
PREDE POM 01 Italian Air Force Magg. S. Vergari
Cimel CE 318 ESRIN M.Campanelli, A.M. Iannarelli
Pandora ESRIN A.M. Iannarelli
PFR PMOD S. Kazadzis, N.Kouremeti
MFRSR University of Rome La Sapienza M. Cacciani
2 Middleton ENEA G. Pace
Microtop ISAC F. Barnaba
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